Nick penned this lovely little stag do story for us, a great one to regale your mates with before coming to Budapest on YOUR stag do ;)

“Once upon a time there were ten dudes on a stag do. The ten dudes went to Budapest! The poor stag was worried, and rightly so. He had his neck bitten, his chest slapped and his headshot silly by paintballs. But despite all this, he was a happy little stag. When I say little, I mean LITTLE! We could thank the strippers for this or the Hungarian hospitality for that, but really it was down to our guide. Veronika kept us all happy and will live in our dreams till we die. Thank you to Stag Republic and to our guide!”

– Nick G.

He was also kind enough to provide even more feedback:

Veronika did a great job and added to a good weekend, even put up with a lot of banter from us all.

The pub crawl was a great night. The venues were the right number and great places. Ideal in my opinion.

Both events (paintball and go-carting) were good. More input from staff at the sites would have been good i.e. at the go karting we did not realise we were qualifying and the racing which was confusing.

(Stag Dinner) The restaurant was good. Lovely food and plenty of it. The room was perfect for the entertainment which took place.

The weekend exceeded my expectations and took me two days to recover.

Thanks, Nick!!!