“The location of the hotel was very good – easy access to pubs, bars & shops. The staff in the hotel were very helpful.

Our guide Nikki was a very pleasant young lady. She started off well by greeting us with a can of beer each. All through the tour that Nikki was with us she was focused on the job and was on hand to sort any issues.

The pubs we were taken to by Nikki and Kitti were very good. From a traditional pub, to a bar, then an open air nite club and rounding the evening off at 4play, which went down well with the group.

The complete entertainment was first class. I think i speak for the majority that the Trabant tour was very good and the instructors were very helpful and pleasant.

The overall view of the weekend was excellent and would recommend your company to people in the future. The locals were pleasant and the Time Out bar at the end of the street was very good – to a stage where Sunday morning they opened an hour earlier for us and made 19 english breakfasts which i requested and took a group photo to put on their wall. So all in all a very good weekend in local, friendly company.”

Shrawley Stone