Being a Best Man can be extremely nerve-racking for any guy, no matter how confident you are. It’s your responsibility to make sure that the Stag Do is carefully planned so that everyone has an amazing time. If it’s a wash-out, it’s you who’ll have to take the flack and beg for forgiveness!

Where To Go

The first thing to consider is your destination. There are hundreds of places to choose from, but Eastern Europe is a favourite of Stags for many reasons. Apart from the fact that the beer is cheap and the girls are gorgeous, there are a whole host of activities for you and the Stags to participate in, the sky’s the limit! Always check with your group that everyone is on board with the costs of going away; but on a Budapest Stag, the spends can be kept to a reasonable level as long as you’re not choosing a 5* hotel as your accommodation – after all, you’re only there for a weekend, enjoy the city and the experience, keep the posh hotels for your wives or girlfriends!

Destination Map

Who’s Coming?

Obviously you’ll want to invite the groom’s best buddies, but you’ll also need to think about other members, such as family. It can get a little awkward when Crazy Chris is listing the amount of times he’s had sex in a public toilet, when your dear old Uncle Ted just wants to admire the view. This is where organising some great activities comes in. Choose selectively and you’ll be able to have the group bonding in no time; keep them busy!

Stag do weekend

How Big Is The Group?

As the Best Man, you’ll need to confirm numbers in order to book your Budapest Stag Do. To make it easier for yourself and the group, send out a Round Robin email or text with the details of the destination and the dates. This way, everyone knows where they’re going and when. If the guys are dragging their feet, feel free to send in the big guns (your wife?!) to get everyone to confirm.

How Much Moolah?

For the love of God, check with everyone to see what they are able to spend. No point in choosing a place where the fun and frolics are going to cost a bomb. Strip clubs can cost a pretty penny, so ensure you’re going to a legitimate club, where the prices are transparent and everyone can join in. Not everyone has spare funds, so get a price and stick to it, otherwise you’ll find people dropping out when they realise they simply can’t afford it.

Once you’ve got your Budapest Stag trip organised, get excited and enjoy!