TIP #1 – They get their kit off – you keep your swag

Szia stags! This is László Vagy – that’s pronounced Vag guys – with another report of special interest to all the Bachelors in Budapest. Especially ones with an eye for the fairer sex and a bit of wonga to spend – well I’ll help you spend it in all the right places, and not the rip-off tourist traps. Today we look for the only thing rarer than a trustworthy politician in Brussels, and that’s an honest-to-goodness ‘gentlemen’s club’ in Budapest.

There really are only two reasonably priced, non-dodgy gentlemen’s clubs worth bothering about in Budapest. One is 4Play and the other is Marilyn’s. There’s no cover charge at either and drinks are fairly priced in both establishments. They’re comfortable places to hang and there’s a nice line up of dancers in each of them too. The bouncers aren’t completely over the top. (You’d still be best not to heckle or haggle the bouncers anywhere in Budapest. This isn’t the UK where giving the doorman a bit of lip is all part of the fun. Here you’re expected just to move on without any fuss. You’re not in Bournemouth now you know.)

Budapest Strip Club

Those are my recommendations anyway: 4Play and Marilyn’s – don’t waste your time anywhere else unless you want to take your wallet on safari into the wild. Those drop dead gorgeous and well, nasty-in-a-nice-way chicks you see in the malls and streets of Budapest – they’re up on stage shaking it at the 4Play lounge and at Marilyn’s. What’s more, you’ll probably have the opportunity to just chat with the girls for a bit, without huge pressure being exerted to have a private dance or buy them a drink.

Indeed, talking with some of the girls at Marilyn’s can be a bit like going to see a therapist. That’s if say your therapist was a sexy 20-30-40-something chick wearing a teddy and suspenders. The 4play girls are a bit more distracting, in this not-so-humble hack and hound’s opinion.

Krakow stag strippers

So you get the point. Anyway, the Vagmeister does get out of town sometimes, so next time I’ll be telling you all about the clubs to call on in Krakow and Riga, two of Stag Republic’s desirable destinations for dashing diversions. Until then, Happy Hunting Stags!