When planning your stag weekend in Europe there is always one important question to ask “East or West?”. In the West you’ve got all the ‘safe’ options: Barcelona, Amsterdam and Berlin. Great places for sure, but mighty expensive! If you’re looking for something a little more on the wild side then Stag Republic might be able to help you… and we’re here today to present the case for why East Europe is home to some of the hottest stag destinations.

Wild times in East Europe


Budapest, Krakow, Bratislava and Riga, we’re setup in all these places to offer you debaucherous stag holidays full of boozing, ladies and daytime adventure. Of course British stag culture has gained a recent reputation for taking things too far and stories of people being arrested for dancing in fountains in Bratislava and gored at the bull run in Pamploma are just a Google search away. Luckily we employ some of the best local guides in the business to make sure you don’t get into too much trouble.

Drink like a real man!


But why exactly should you give the east a chance? Well the nightlife sure isn’t to be sniffed at! For example, for the price of a beer in Paris we can show what real men drinks in Poland – vodka! Five shots of it in fact… in a row as part of our vodka tasting. And when it comes to a pub crawl, the highlight of any stag weekend abroad, would you rather drink dirt cheap beer surrounded by the charming ex-soviet architecture of Bratislava, or slum it with a pitcher of mojito in a British Whetherspoons? Sod streaking. Trust us, the only people you’ll be getting naked for here is the beautiful Sloakian ladies you’ll meet here in the clubs… that is if you get lucky!

Vodka Tasting Krakow

All day action

And what about the daytime? Well yeh you could wander the lovely idyllic streets of Amsterdam and go see Ann Frank’s house. But with us you could bomb around the hills outside Budapest in a classic Trabant and relive the wonder days of the 1950s. Or if it’s adrenaline you’re looking for then we’ve got an entire ex-Soviet military base at our disposal for some fast shooting paintball games in Riga.

Photo of 2 Trabants next to each other on the road out of Budapest

With fun stag packages and great accommodation options, Stag Republic is your best option for a wild stag weekend in East Europe!