Kick start your stag weekend in Europe with a killer theme that brings the lads together and gets the local ladies excited. Of course, a killer theme needs some costumes with clout. With the beer and food being so cheap in Eastern Europe it’s worth splashing out a few quid to make sure your fancy dress is up to scratch.

We’re going to take a 2-part look at some of the best themes we’ve heard of:

What’s your superpower?

Stag party batman theme

Superheroes are in right now right? You can’t go a week without something new coming out in the cinema. If you choose superheroes as your theme then you’ve given yourself a wide wardrobe costume-wise. Do you go classic and go Spiderman or do you keep it new school and go as the Green Lantern.

Protectors of peace and justice… catching people in your web. When it comes to pulling girls you’ve got so much cheesy crap you can play on for chat up lines. We’re 90% sure the locals aren’t really going to know what you’re on about but they’ll happily pose for photos!

Why not make a game out of it. Get everyone on the stag party to go ask a stranger what her superpower is. The guy that comes back with the best answer gets his drinks bought for him. And if you’re in Budapest and you’re looking to make the game really fun why not combine it with a cross-town sightseeing ride on our Budapest beer bike. Extra points if you manage to convince a local lady to join the adventure.

Budapest Beer Bike

Tee off

Krakow budget pub crawlOk so it might not be the most original, but dammit pub golf is always a laugh and with Eastern European drinks prices it’s a sure-fire way to get drunk as well. The costume shouldn’t be hard to get hold of – maybe you’ve even got an old one tucked away somewhere from those dark, hazy uni days.

Whichever city you end up in, if you book your accommodation with us you get a free bar crawl led by one of our local guides who will happily plot you a 9-hole course through some of your chosen city’s best watering holes. And if you do make the course, shed the plastic golf courses and she’ll drop you at one of the hottest nightclubs in town where those cheesy shirts and British charm will definitely, definitely help impress the local birds… well maybe!

We’ll be back next time with some more theme suggestions.


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