One of the great things about Krakow, especially if you stay in the Old Town proper, is that everything is in stumbling distance. Despite – or dare we suggest – even because of Krakow’s importance as a religious centre, you can’t swing a cat in this town without hitting a bar.

Some Kiwi rugby heads might say that “Eating is cheating”, but the thinking hedonist knows that it’s a good idea to line one’s stomach. Long, long gone are the days when the only thing available in Polish restaurants was beetroot soup and cabbage. These days you can even find half-a-dozen sushi bars in Krakow, something that would’ve been hard to believe even a decade ago.

Still, you can come across a lot of bad or indifferent dining experiences – unless you have a trusty guide. Stag Republic also eliminates the tedium and hassle figuring out bills and tips with three set dinners to choose from (see below), each quite different. And later, when you go clubbing, you’ll find some places don’t want to let in large groups of foreign blokes – unless they come with the Stag Republic seal of approval.


A typical stag night starts with a hearty meal in the private dining room of a smart restaurant, where you have the option of being entertained by an exotic dancer. And perhaps it’s just as well it’s a private room. Especially when you see what our strippers serve up with dessert.

Another option is our hearty Brewery Dinner, with scrumptious pork and house brew. Man food and man drinks, who can argue with that? You can go back to salads and lean cuisine when you get back home. Last but not least, you can begin the evening with an unpretentious burger, chips and beer combo at Roosters.

Krakow brewery dinner

After dinner, your personal nightlife guide can point you in the direction of the best clubs, pubs and strip clubs. If it’s a really blingin’ night you require, you can even take the tour by limousine, complete with bubbly and strippers and VIP night club entry. Talk about arriving in style! Krakow may be small but some of its best secrets are well hidden, and the language is a head-wrecking tongue twister. So put your faith in the people who’ve organised stag nights in Krakow for years and have the inside track on the city’s top venues, from restaurants and pubs to bars and strip clubs. All you have to think about is having a great time.

Photo of sexy strippers sitting at the bar of Gold Club Krakow