So you’ve decided on Hungary for your stag do, but there are plenty of weird and wonderful facts that you probably didn’t know about this lovely country. Yes, its capital, Budapest, is party central – which you most likely did know, but read on to find out more before you embark on your stag do of a lifetime!

Hungary Invented Hollywood!

Founder of Paramount Pictures, Adolf Zukor and William Fox (originally Vilmos Fried) and the director of Casablanca, Michael Curtiz (previously Mano Kaminer) all came from Hungary!

Hollywood sign

An Honorary Citizen of Budapest, is Elvis Presley!

In 2011, Elvis was awarded posthumous citizenship after he brought attention to the 1956 revolution with his rendition of ‘Peace in the Valley’ on American TV. A landmark was created in his honour – ‘Elvis Presley Boulevard’ which can still be seen to this day.

Elvis Presley

A Female Hungarian is the World’s Greatest Chess Champion

Chess is played everywhere in Hungary, even in the infamous thermal baths. A lady called Judit Polgar became grandmaster of the game in 1991 and she was only 15, an amazing record for the young Hungarian!

Chess board

The Infamous Palinka Cures All Ailments

This fruit brandy has been known to cure anything from headaches to anxiety. Grandmas around Hungary have sworn by it for years. If you refuse a shot, then you’ll be insulting the very fabric of the country and it’s actually quite tasty, if a little strong!

It’s the World’s First Official Wine Region

Isn’t that France? Well, actually, no. Hungary’s Tokaj region was made official by King Karoly in the 5th Century, a whole 120 years before France began producing wine.

Red and white wine glasses

Inventions Made by Hungarians

Did you know that the Rubik’s Cube was created by Hungarian Erno Rubik in 1974? The biro was created by Laszlo Biro in 1938 and the Krypton electric bulb was invented by Imre Brody in 1937, a talented bunch, the Hungarians!

Rubik's cube

Healing Waters of Hungary

There are a plethora of natural baths around Hungary, where hundreds of people go to make use of the naturally warm and healing waters. There are around 450 public spas and bathhouses to relax in and in the evenings, you can even go for a party in the bath!

Hungary has 13 Nobel Laureates

They have managed to beat countries like Canada, Spain, Finland and Australia in collecting Nobel prizes, all categories except for peace.

The Master of Escapology is From Hungary

Harry Houdini, born in Budapest in 1874, showed off his talents for escaping from strait jackets, handcuffs and a Chinese Water Cell.

The Second Largest Synagogue in the World is in Budapest

The Dohany Street Synagogue can seat 3000 people and is part of Budapest Unesco World Heritage Site.

Enough of the facts, interesting though they may be. Let Stag Republic arrange an awesome Stag in Hungary! You won’t regret it!