Last week we gave you some great stag party theme ideas. Hopefully, you’re already making plans and preparing for a debaucherous stag weekend abroad. But just in case you needed a few more ideas, well then here you go.

The dare patrol

A stag weekend is a real test for a group of friends. By the end of it, you’ll see who the real lads are and who’s willing to do all it takes to make sure the stag gets the send-off he deserves.

Of course, there needs to be order to the chaos and a dare patrol achieves this. It’s more a state of mind than a theme and therefore doesn’t require costumes… however one of your dares could definitely involve cringe-worthy costumes (mankini midnight run in the height of winter anyone}?

Draw up a list of the worst dares you can possibly think of and break the stag party into teams – the ones that come back with the most ticks get the drinks bought for them that night. Of course, feel free to make those things as strong as humanly possible to ensure their following day starts with an almighty hangover.

Want an activity that might well get someone crapping their pants? Try bridge swinging in Bratislava – it’s just about as scary as it sounds.

A stag party swinging from a bridge in Bratislava.

Country gentlemen

You’re going to be looking your finest at the wedding so why not get the practice in now. Don your finest (or maybe not if you’re a bit of a Chunder Charlie) and head on your stag looking like something fresh out of the Titanic’s smoking lounge.

You’ll certainly get the ladies looking and if you say the right words you might just find yourself with a lady on your arm for the rest of the night.

But woah, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. What do classy refined gentlemen do on a stag? Why they go shooting in Riga of course. We’ve got enough gun and ammunition to keep even the most Rambolicious lad happy and we’ll let you keep your target card so you can brag about your feats later.

Shooting in Riga

Now you just need to hit that target!