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Things to do in Budapest

A trip to the Budapest Baths

Straddling the Danube where East meets West, Budapest has spent the last two millennia being overrun by Romans, Slavs, and then Magyars – the Asiatic forebears of the present-day Hungarians – followed by Mongols, Turks, Habsburgs, Romanians, Nazis, Soviets, and, lately, Irish real estate speculators. The result is a bewildering blend of diverse influences and […]

The Bare Essentials – Krakow Strip Clubs

Photo of a stripper's behind and she's wearing a mask

Krakow is a genteel sort of a place, the Florence of Central Europe and a stronghold of the Catholic Church. So you wouldn’t expect to find much mischief here right? Wrong! The most tourist-friendly of all Poland’s cities, this beautiful old town offers something for everyone. As well as the kind of architecture that makes […]