All aboard the party bus! Trust us, this is like no other bus you’ve ever been on. But how is it different from all those limos you see dragging stag parties around town? Well, in the style of an episode of Cribs, why don’t you step about and we’ll show you what you’re get if you hire a party bus in Budapest.

Lots of people having fun inside the Budapest party busSo the first thing you’ll notice once you step aboard the stag do party bus is the space this thing has. Forget bumping your head as you slide over to grab another beer from the not one, but two drinks stations (read: pimpin’ coolers), this thing is so spacious you can stand, dance and even jump up and down in here. That also means there is plenty of room for a stripper to do her thing if you decide to have one along for the ride.

Inside the Budapest party bus

And trust us, the swag doesn’t stop there. The party bus has a widescreen TV that’s bigger than you’ll find in most peoples living room and we’ve got a sound system that would make even Ministry of Sound a little bit excited. Take a seat one one the plus leather sofas that runs along each side of the bus and remember to bring along some tunes from home and announce your in style.

A minibar inside the Budapest party busAnd finally it wouldn’t be a true Cribs style tour without a little look in the fridge. Well don’t be afraid of getting thirsty on your journey. You’ll be escorted at all times by one of our wonderful local lady reps who will serve up a round of ice cold beers and give you the inside scoop on life in Budapest.

So sit back, relax, enjoy the party… and get ready for a mad weekend in Budapest!

And if you’ve got your eye one of the other cities, don’t worry, we’ve got a party bus in Riga and Krakow as well.