So you’re thinking about having your stag do abroad? Brave choice and one you won’t regret. The British high street bar hasn’t been cool since Wetherspoons But done right and you’ll leave the stag with some banterous final memories of being a free man.

Leader of the pack

Bratislava-BRIDGE-JUMPBeing the best man means organising the best weekend and with stag holidays abroad you’ve got a big group in tow. Good luck! That’s means the stags playground buddies that want to rule the roost, the work mates that aren’t too sure how keen they are to see the stag running around the hotel room naked at 3am covered in shaving foam. And the worst of all – that weird, slightly moody brother-in-law that just ‘had’ to invite. Planning your stag activities ahead of time is important as is getting an idea of the groups budget. The good news is that East Europe gives you the chance to get boozed up and get your adrenaline flowing for a fraction of the cost of back home.

Ever thought about taking a leap of faith and swinging full thrust from beneath a bridge. No? Well, come to Bratislava and see if you can get yourself that golden photo of the stag crapping himself with fright.

Boozing on a different level

good-bad-angel-strippersDid we mention the cheap booze. You probably knew about that. Back home, 2am means finding a kebab shop, but in East Europe, after ditching that one loser that always insists on getting the paaaaaaaaarty started at dinner time in the nearest taxi, you’ll just be hitting the club and really getting the party started. Think champagne showers and shots, shots, shots galore, just be careful because said shots will have you taking a closer look at the bathroom floor if you don’t pace yourself!

And once you have you’ll find another great advantage of coming to East Europe. Yes, the ladies are stunning. Just let us take you to one of the best strip clubs in Budapest and you’ll find out why Hungarian’s claim their women to be the hottest in the world. Just make sure the rest of the boys chip in for a lap dance for you to say thanks – not with a roly poly stripper though!

Bringing everyone together

krakow-kalashnikov-03Most of all your job is to bring everyone together to give the stag the send off he needs. Back home it would be easy to get lost. Splinter groups should be avoided and your authority should be enforced with an iron fist.

Luckily nothing dampens a would-be stag party breakdown like the opportunity to shoot some stuff. Back home guns are pretty much illegal (and for good reason!) and your average stag group would have to take their kicks from trying to obliterate each others babymakers with little balls of paint – but over here in the old Soviet bloc being able to unload a few rounds in style is a proof of one’s manliness not unlike the ability to down a pint in one go.

It certainly would be poor form not to show the locals a bit of bulldog spirit by taking the boys shooting for the day in Krakow. Shotguns, rifles and automatics, we’ve got it all, and crap-ton of lead to go with it. Just don’t forget to get that ‘what ya lookin at?’ photo of the stag. In years to come it will help to numb the pain as he sits on the sofa wearing a pair of pink fluffy slippers, watching Strictly and wondering what the hell he was thinking that day he got down on one knee.