TIP #5 – Set up a kitty, and make it fair

A kitty is a great way of maximising the efficiency and speed of ordering drinks, but make sure everyone gets good value out of it. The kitty won’t be purring long with five guys on Red Bull Vodka and five on beer, so decide in advance who pays what and whether fines should come out of the kitty.

TIP #6 – Know how to tip

Stag tipsIt is not good form to leave all your change behind on the table when you leave. When handing over a larger denomination of change, let the staff know how much you are paying in total and you will receive the correct change, with the tip deducted. So if the bill comes to 7,140 HUF, for example, give the waiter 10,000 HUF and say 8,000 HUF and he will bring you back your 2,000 HUF change.  

Beware, saying “thank you” can be taken to mean “keep the change”.  If you’re paying by card, it’s best to tip the server with cash anyways.

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