Pranking the stag has become a key ingredient of a wild stag weekend and if you’re coming to Budapest we’ve got plenty of delightfully hilarious, pant crap inducing little jokes you can pull on the unsuspecting stag.

We’ve done all the hard work so all you have to do is make sure you’ve got the camera poised for the golden shot.

Here’s some of the stuff we can arrange:

Dwarf tastic

It’s an old classic and hardly original but it’s damn funny and sure to draw attention to you group as the stag staggers down the street handcuffed to a dwarf.

The stag will get to spend an hour with his new enforced buddy during which time he will be happy to play the fool and keep your group entertained. Combine it with a pub crawl, boat trip or boozy dinner and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for banter.

A stag weekend dwarf guide in Budapest

Double points awarded if the new best friends manage to chat up a lady!


Free fall fun!

Not quite a prank per say… but definitely the quickest way to get the stag to crap himself courtesy of a tandem skydive.

Pool your money and we’ll take the whole group out to a skydiving centre. The stag will get strapped up and sent on the plane to jump with an expert who will be there to guide him safely through the whole process. In the mean time the rest of you can enjoy a round of beers with feet plated firmly on mother earth.

Tandem Skydive

Oh and don’t worry… we throw in the parachute free of charge ;-) And you’ll also get a DVD of your fall to remember as well.

One last scare

So the stag has made it to the end of weekend without being made the fool of. He thinks he’s in the clear as he is about to board the airport transfer bus for his flight back home he’s got cheeky smirk on his face.

Alas, with the fake bride prank the fun isn’t over because out of nowhere a bride complete with wedding dress, fake papers and a devious look on her face will appear attesting to a story of a long forgotten drunk wedding in Vegas and insist on returning home with the stag for a new life in the UK.

Fake Bride Stripper Prank

Aboard the bus, just as the stag is racking his brains for an explanation for the misses the bride will suddenly realise she can’t find her passport and take off all her clothes in a desperate attempt to find it…

Well we’re sure you get the picture!