Whenever us Brits go abroad, most of us try to learn a few stock phrases to impress the locals with, but we don’t tend to learn anything that might be considered rude. Obviously, we don’t want to upset the native people of the country we’re visiting, but in certain circumstances when we befriend them, profanities can be appropriate and most likely hilarious for the people living there!

Friendly Hungarian Insults

Should you find that you are getting on like a house on fire with some of the local lads, here are some phrases you might like to try, to surprise them with…

‘Haver, olyan vagi, mint egy menyasszony!’ Which translates as ‘Dude, you’re acting like a bride!’ In other words – ‘Stop being such a wuss!’

‘Olyan bamba vagy, hogy ha bemesz az erdobe,szadba fial a mokus!’ translates as: ‘You are such a fumbler that if you were in the forest, the squirrel whelps into your mouth!’. It actually means ‘You’re very dumb!’

‘Nekem csobogsz, kispatak?’ translates as ‘Are you babbling to me, little stream?’ Or in other words – ‘Are you talking to me, you little insignificant person?’

This one is a huge mouthful, considering what it means, ‘Ha a mokusnak olyan feje lenne, mint neked, mar regen magara gyujtotta volna az erdot!’ The translation is ‘If the squirrel had a face like yours, he would have long ago set the forest on fire, with him inside!’ This actually means ‘You’re ugly!’

Shorter  Hungarian Insults

If you’d like to call someone a ‘crap bag’, then try ‘Te szar zsak!’

If you’ve had enough of haggling or simply don’t require what someone’s trying to sell you, have a go at: ‘Lenditsd fel o bumadat!’ It means ‘Shove it up your bum!’

If you just cannot be bothered anymore, say: ‘Nem tudom megerteni!’ which means, ‘I can’t be arsed!’

Hungarian Slang

If you hear these phrases, at least you might understand the insults if they are thrown your way!

‘Kolbaszolni’ means ‘to sausage’, or in other words, mindlessly standing around, doing nothing!

‘Rizsazni’ means ‘to be ricing’, or waffling – talking about nothing important.

If you get told ‘Lepenyleso!’, it literally means ‘Shut up!’

So there you have it boys, some pearls of wisdom to have a basic understanding and gel with the locals, while you’re on your Stag do in Hungary!

Stag Party Hungary Photo