Hello again Staggering Staggers!

It has come to my attention, that there are many amongst you who are, dare I say it? clueless! I am here to save the day once again with my three-part series on How to Be the Best, Best Man Ever to Walk This Earth.

Organising a stag weekend is hard work and there is a lot to think about. You will need to be all of the following:

best best man partyGood friend

You must be familiar with the behaviour of the stag and know what he and his friends expect from his stag weekend.

Good organiser

It is your responsibility to whip the stag party into shape. That means finding out what people want, sending out e-mails, collecting the money and delegating the tasks. See Stag Do Tips #3 & #4.

Good with money

Not all wallets were made equal and not all credit cards are flexible. Your job is to come up with a stag weekend that everyone can afford, collect the cash and make sure everyone gets great value for their money. See these tips on setting up a kitty and tipping.

best best man partyGood with people

There may be new faces in the stag party – it’s your job to bring them all together. Take care of introductions and stage ice-breaker games to make sure no one is left out.

Good drinker

You will probably be challenged to go shot for shot with the groom on the stag night, so it helps if you can put them away without losing your managerial authority – and be in a fit state to carry him home once it’s all over.

Stay Tuned…

Next time we will cover how to choose a destination, who will be attending, and budget issues.

Until then, start building up your tolerance and Egészségedre!