TIP  #2 – The Budapest Honeytrap


Szia stags! This is László Vagy – that’s pronounced Vag incidentally chaps – with another post in a series of reports targeted at Bachelors in Budapest. Lots of useful information coming up: such as where to see and to meet the comeliest wenches in a town that’s been twice hit with the beauty stick. Yes, there are the buildings, the boulevards and the Danube rolling by… but holy smokes did you see that chick that just walked past! That’s what I’m talking about!

Today’s column, however, is about something best avoided.

In a city with so many temptations, a few of them have to be dodgy. This particular bait and ambush trick is probably Numero Uno.

Stripper girl Budapest

Imagine you’re in downtown Pest strolling with a couple of mates when you’re approached by two good looking dames, who say hi, and ask you if you’re free to take a coffee, or better yet – a drink. How wonderful you think, as you stare into their cleavage, erm eyes and envision the night ahead.

Soon you are in a nearby café or bar of their choosing, enjoying Palinka (Hungarian schnapps), Unicum (Hungarian rocket fuel) or a glass of wine or Champagne. You might have noticed by now the girls can knock the drinks back. (They’re watered down, as you later surmise). They sure don’t have to wait long before the waiter brings them another round. Now, if you’re a guy that hot looking chicks often approach on the street, you ought to know – these girls have a different agenda. If however like 99.9% of human males, you’re not approached by hot chicks all the time, then you should use your common sense.

Stripclub BudapestBecause what happens, when you decide to get the bill, is you find out you’ve walked right into a honeytrap. The bill arrives, and there are a couple more zeroes on it than there should be. You and your mate have just spent, oh, let’s say 600 euro, buying a few drinks for some girls you met on the street. The same girls who are now making their excuses and leaving, while a couple of King Kong sized bouncers frogmarch you to a cash machine. And nothing you say will make any difference. You didn’t see the prices on the bill. Too bad, you should’ve asked. Or you did see the prices, but they were different from what’s written on this outrageous bill. Oh, here they are with the same menu but inflated prices. There’s no arguing your way out, you either pay up or risk a beating. This isn’t exactly a complicated scam, but it probably happens once a day to some gullible, unlucky tourist. One of the places which hosts this crooked graft has even installed an ATM inside the bloody restaurant!

Remember. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. So, give the scammy scamsters a wide swerve, they’re skanky ho’s working for low down pimps and they don’t deserve your time or your money!

Tune in again next week, for some more advice from your’s truly.

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