Go big or go home. That should be the ideal recipe for the ultimate stag weekend abroad. It’s the stags last weekend of freedom and it’s your goddamn duty as his best friend through thick and thin to give him a weekend that at best he won’t remember and at worst will make him wince every time he smells vodka or sees a dwarf walking around town.

When it comes to organising stag parties, Stag Republic has years of experience and a bucket load of money-is-no-problem adventures that we can send you on. Let us take a look at a few:

Take a shot at Bratislava

If you come to Bratislava for example – home of delicious beers and even more delicious local ladies – why not let us take you out for a spot of hardcore shooting. If you’re going to have any chance with a bunch of ladies that have lived through the very worst of communism then some epic tales of that time you did two strawpedos in a row out in Milton Keynes once isn’t going to cut it.

Shooting range

Instead, you can take some photos brandishing AK-47s and regale the local ladies about the time where you put a bullet right through the bullseye. A lovely flow of adrenaline combined with a few vodkas to help you along the way is sure to kill any lingering stage fright you may have.

Take it on the road

Of course, nothing says badass like a few skills behind the wheels. Back in Britain thanks to traffic, owning a 4×4 is a one-way ticket to road rage hell where everyone hates (read: envies) you and no parking space will have you. Over in Krakow though they let these beasts roam the way they should.

Let us take you off-road in the roaming hills of Poland for a 4×4 adventure. We’ve got 3 miles of torturous terrain for you to traverse and an English speaking guide that will show you how to get the best of out of these monsters.

Spend the afternoon showing off and taking and photos and then when you’re done head back to base where your lovely guide for the weekend will have a round of beers waiting for you.

Let someone else drive

Of course, sometimes it’s better to let someone else take the wheel. That way you can get back to doing what you came on the stag weekend to do – drink plenty of beer and try your hardest to show the local talent what a British invasion looks like.

If you want to cruise the streets of Riga in style then jump aboard the party bus and down a champagne or two (or three) while seeing the charms of Riga’s old town.

Inside the Budapest party bus

Of course, once one communist building starts to look like another you can turn your attention inside the bus. We’ve got a top-notch sound system and big pimpin TV for some entertainment. Oh and the bus comes with its own dancing pole – which is going to come in handy when the stripper we invited along starts her show.

Spa + Party = SPARTY

Budapest is world-famous for its underground water springs. In fact, the city is zigzagged with them and thanks to the Ottoman occupation of old, spa culture has had a long glorious history in the city with the rich and poor putting aside their differences to take a soak from time to time.

Thermal Beer Spa in Budapest

Now you can take part in this mighty tradition and you can do it in style by attending one of the infamous sparties as they are locally known. Imagine how much fun you could have in a public bath with all your friends and as much beer as you can handle. Now imagine it with a few hundred gorgeous women in bikinis and a banging DJ playing tunes all night. Yep, you’ve reached heaven.

Expect an ‘anything goes’ mentality and leave the cameras at home boys… there are some things the future wife really doesn’t need to know about!