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Why Choose to Have Your Stag Do in Eastern Europe? We’ll Tell You…

Budapet pub crawl

Going to Barcelona, Amsterdam or London for your Stag Do is so passé, these days! You are really missing out on some fantastic activities; not to mention cheap alcohol, beautiful ladies and some of the best nightlife you’ll ever get to experience, if you decide to poo-poo your Stag Do in Eastern Europe. Budapest is […]

Riga Strip Clubs – The Best in Eastern Europe

Riga Strippers

Off to Latvia for your Stag Weekend? Thinking about visiting Riga Strip Clubs while you’re there? Listen up, Stags! There are many above-board, delightful Strip Clubs in Riga, full of gorgeously hot women, ready and willing to entertain you. However, not all Riga Strip Clubs are the most authentic, trustworthy places to visit on a […]

Stags – East or West, Which is the Best?

lesbi show budapest

East versus West. No, it’s not the beginning of a world war, but a delightful comparison of the Stag Do you could have depending on the location! In the West we have the usual suspects: Barcelona, London, Amsterdam and Berlin, gorgeous cities, with pretty sights and nightlife. And a hefty price tag. If you’d like […]

Action-packed, Latvian Stag Parties!

Riga guides

Fancy having a crazy, non-stop Stag do? Then come to Latvia, one of the world’s greenest and music-mad countries. Whatever your interests, we guarantee there will be every type of activity that the boys will enjoy. From music festivals to art galleries to beach and sauna parties, there is a plethora of exciting and unusual […]

Get to know Latvians

We found this gem of a video on Youtube about the upcoming Latvian Council of the EU presidency for the next half year. The reason we decided to share it is not because we are fascinated by politics, but because it really gives genuine insight into the personality of this charming destination and its locals. In […]